Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I bring?

Due to Covid-19 we no longer provide equipment. Therefore, you will be required to have our own Yoga/Pilates mat. You will also need for Pilates a 7” soft ball and resistance band. For yoga you will need a brick and/or block and a blanket for relaxation. Please contact the studio for equipment advise. Water is permitted in the studio, please ensure it is in a non-glass bottle and that it is tightly sealed.

What should I wear?

Come to dressed ready for class. Changing at the studio is not allowed.

Please wear shoes that can easily be removed and loose, comfortable and layered clothing that can be removed or added to allow for changes in body temperature. This is especially important where relaxation is incorporated in class.

In yoga be prepared to practice in bare feet as this is the traditional (and safest) way to practice.

You are welcome to wear socks in Pilates. No shoes will be allowed in the studio.

How do I choose the right class for me?

Please refer to Yoga and Pilates in our Class section to help choose the right class for you.

If you are unsure please Contact Us.

Where are you located?

Please see our Location page for information on how to find us.

Is there parking available?

Yes parking is available.
For more information on parking at The Yoga-Lounge lease visit our Location page.

What time should I arrive to class?

Please do not arrive any earlier than minutes prior to the start time of your class.  There will only be two people in the lobby area at any one time and you will need to wait outside the building until a space becomes available for you to enter. Remember your umbrella! 

Do I need experience to attend a class?

All classes are aimed at being enjoyable and safe and you are encouraged to progress and develop your practice at your own pace.
You don’t need any experience or equipment to join a class at The Yoga-Lounge.

All Yoga classes are of Mixed Ability. We have two levels of Pilates, beginners and improvers.

However, if you have any medical or mobility issues that may effect your practice, please Contact the Yoga-Lounge prior to booking.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy at The Yoga-Lounge. Please cancel your classes through the Mindbody App or website as soon as possible to allow others to take advantage of the space.

Passes will be re-issued if you cancel your class in line with the policy.

View Booking Guide

Can passes be rolled over to the following month?

Passes are valid for the duration of one month and cannot be rolled over to the following month.

If you are unable to make your regular class you can attend another same type class within the current month, subject to availability. If you do not find a same type class you can attend, then please Contact Us to see if you can switch to a different style class.

Can I attend classes if I’m pregnant?

We do not run any Pregnancy classes, however, if you have regularly attended classes at The Yoga-Lounge, you may still be able to do so.

Do I need to download the Mindbody App to attend classes?

No, the Mindbody app is not required, as you can book directly by contacting us, but you will need to register with Mindbody in order to attend classes at The Yoga-Lounge. 

The App is free to download and will allow you to book and pay for classes. 

View Booking Guide

How do I download the Mindbody App?

The app can be downloaded on the Mindbody website for both Android and iOS.

You will also need a Mindbody account, please visit our Registration page and fill out a form to set up an account; alternatively set up a Mindbody account on their own website.

If you have any queries please Contact Us.

What policies have you implemented to make your studio Covid secure?

Please refer to our Covid-19 Page

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Yes, you will be required to wear a face covering when you are in the lobby area and as you move in and out of the studio. 

This can be removed once you are on your mat. 

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please contact us prior to attend a class. 

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