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To book into your class just click on Book a class

The booking process 

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Blocks run in line with the calendar month and can be pre-booked in advance from 14th to 24th of each month for those with Priority Booking Status and from 26th of the month for all others.

All passes expire at the end of the month and are non-transferable/non-refundable and can not be carried over to the following month.

Students are asked to book the same class each week for the month.  If you need to cancel you need to do so within 2 hours of the start time of the class.  Only if there is space in another class can you make up the missed class.  This is not guaranteed and cancellation may result in the loss of the class fee.

What is Priority Booking?  

This is only for those who have block booked the previous month.  This status gives those the opportunity to book one week in advance of others.

  • Priority Block Booking is available from 14th to 24th of each month.  This is only for Block Passes.
  • Remaining Block Bookings will be open to everyone from the 26th of each month.
  • You lose this status if you come out of block booking at any given time.
  • ‘Drop in’ available from the last day of the preceding month.
  • Cancellation Policy

    We have a 2-hour cancellation policy.
    You Must cancel classes within the 2-hour cancellation period. If you do cancel within this period your pass will be re issued and subject to availability (not guaranteed) you can book into another class the same month.

    We believe we offer a fair booking system and to avoid awkwardness, please adhere to the above policy and procedure. Only in exceptional circumstances, will this be wavered.

    Please be mindful of others who may be on a waiting list, if you know you are unable to make a class, please cancel ASAP to allow others to make use of the space.

    Continued ‘no show’ in class, may cause your account to be suspended.

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