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I have been doing Pilates for few months now, and I really enjoy the classes. The new Yoga Lounge is the best place to exercise. Beautiful setting that allows you to relax, stretch and connect with your own body.

Not long a member of this fabulous Studio but can see and feel the difference in the workouts Tanya gives us. We are a mixed bunch - some really good and some not so but all are encouraged. Love it!


What a wonderful studio to practice yoga in. Set in an amazing back garden, it's very spacious and calming. Tanya is an excellent instructor and ensures everyone practices within their own ability but she gently pushes when she can see someone is able to do more. I was happy to follow her when she moved to her current location. 100% recommended.

Practising yoga in the beautiful new Yoga Lounge with Tanya is extra special. As soon as you go in you really look forward to the session. The atmosphere is calm and with everything you need laid out ready for you, it feels just right. Tanya is an excellent teacher and knows all her students really well so all in all, what better place to go.

Every Wednesday evening I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...whereas she followed the yellow brick road to reach the Emerald City, I follow a white gravel path that winds to the end of a beautiful garden, past floodlit trees to reach the sanctuary of The Yoga Lounge. A warm welcome greets me, both from teacher Tanya and her glorious studio. Lush oak flooring, flickering coloured candles, floor to ceiling mirrors on one side and glass doors on the other, all combine to create the most perfect place in which to practise yoga. Tanya has attended to every detail to create a space which is stylish, sparkling and spiritual. Anyone who comes to The Yoga Lounge will receive a treat for the senses and leave relaxed, rejuvenated and uplifted.

Tania combines her knowledge and experience of yoga with a down to earth approach which puts me at my ease and brings out the best in my practice. I feel really lucky and privileged to be welcomed into Tania's purpose built yoga studio set in her lovely garden which feels like a haven and creates an intimate and peaceful atmosphere for her students. Tania has already established a feeling of community amongst the students she so obviously cares very much about. I now regard my twice weekly yoga classes as an essential part of my health regime.